Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SnoutCast #40: "Supplies!"

In which we recruit Rich Bragg, captain of team Blood & Bones, to answer a question posed by loyal listener Scott.

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00:58 - "well-equipped"
01:08 - Listener Mail: Scott asks about supplies!
01:27 - ...and Blood & Bones' "somewhat outdated" Supplies List
03:30 - welcome to special guest Rich Bragg
04:15 - as seen on Ghost Patrol: coed astronomy's B&B costumes
05:20 - a brief history of Blood & Bones (and "drinking division")
07:36 - how the B&B supplies list got started in 2001
11:00 - are walkie-talkies useful?
13:44 - organizing equipment inside the van
16:21 - is preparedness a competitive advantage?
22:03 - Rich misses the element of resourcefulness
23:37 - teams without vans in the 420 game
28:26 - how have smartphones changed The Game?
30:29 - DeeAnn cares the most about food
32:46 - has resourcefulness gone out of style? "it's kind of like searching for Clues"
34:46 - actually, searching for Clues: not all that much fun, and not quite the same as resourcefulness
38:38 - different kinds of "resourcefulness"
40:09 - Jasper has something to say
41:02 - "see how resourceful you are?"
41:57 - Rich's day job: what's cool about Google TV
43:06 - upcoming events: Puzzled Pint (11/9, Portland)
44:32 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton

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Brett said...

I'm disappointed that I missed the 'resourcefulness era'. I like puzzles and challenges that have no single path to the solution (ME 101 projects, etc.). How can we free the clue from this giant block of ice? How can we read this microfilm at 12 o'clock at night? There's a lot of value in puzzles that reward creative and lateral thinking (and preparedness and resourcefulness) - I hope they haven't been left behind for good.

Skott said...

"[A]nyone and anything may be brought along. Although The Game is not a trivia contest, various reference books come in handy. Food and tools should not be forgotten. You never know what will come in useful... Preparing for The Game is half the fun!" - What is The Game?

Well, so much for half the fun of The Game ;)