Sunday, January 20, 2008

Goodbye to Google

(Pop quiz: Does the title of this post make you think of the Carpenters' "Goodbye to Love," Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You," or another song? Leave your answer in a comment below!)

After more than four years, Friday was my last day at the 'plex. My feelings about leaving mirror Nathan Stoll's and Kevin Fox's. I still believe it's a great place to work, but it's time for me to try something completely different. More on that later.

Unlike some other bloggers, I've purposefully avoided mentioning my employer or talking much about work. That was not to be coy or mysterious; if you care at all, you can find my complete employment history on LinkedIn. It was just my way of avoiding any perceived or actual impropriety with respect to the disclosure of company information. Now that I'm no longer an employee, it will be less of a concern, but don't expect this place to suddenly become all-Google-all-the-time. It's a great company, but it was never my life.

So what am I doing now? I'm taking the next three years off to do some writing. D and I are planning to move up to Portland later this year, where most things are a heck of a lot cheaper than here in the bay area, and I'm applying to Clarion. We're also going to do some traveling. You'll be able to read all about it right here on the HotSheet.

You might think I'm crazy to walk away from such an insanely successful company, but I've been working in Silicon Valley for twelve years, and this was never what I really wanted to do with my life. It's just something I happened to be passably good at, at a time when people were paying well for those skills. Now that I have the opportunity to chase my dreams, I'd be crazy not to go for it.

I'll end with this bit of NSFW philosophy from xkcd:


Kevin Fox said...

Congratulations Curtis! I'm looking forward to reading about the writing program!

lahosken said...

Pop answer:

Nathan said...

Wow, congrats! Good luck in your creative endeavors, and hope to still see you around -- Portland is fantastic, quite a good choice.

Tom Galloway said...

Darn; was about to send you a suggestion for Authors@; who's going to handle the sf folk now?

Seriously, welcome to the Xoogler ranks and good luck

steadof said...

Oh wow. Seeing as how you welcomed me to the world of blogging, I decided it was about time to find your blog and just saw the big news. Big news, I'm envious. If we ever decide to chuck it all and live in an RV, we will come and visit. Good luck to you and D!rj