Monday, January 28, 2008

"An expensive way to smell poo"

I generally find the product reviews on very helpful. Sort them with the lowest ratings at the top and you'll see if there are common complaints about a product, or if people are just blowing off steam for some other reason. But every now and then, in addition to being useful, a review will be entertaining in the sublime.

N A Cat Lover's review of the CatGenie is just such a review. D found it while researching cat supplies--in particular, litter boxes--for our upcoming road trip, and it is now my distinct pleasure to share this information with you.

Here's an excerpt:
Cat Genie takes the small unpleasantness of daily cleaning the litter and it saves it up and releases that unpleasantness as one big unscheduled, unpleasant inconvenience every week or two. Advanced monitors will ensure that the device failure will occur during the workday, as you prepare for your important meeting with your prospective client. Nothing like cleaning out wet cat poo in your nicest suit. Or, you may be pleasantly awoken in the middle of the night by the repeating three beeps of "there's poo and hair in the hopper." You will become more familiar with your cat's feces every day as the cat genie gently fills your home with the aroma of baking excrement.
Follow the link above to read more. Was this review helpful to me? Oh yes. Oh hell yes.


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Bryan H. Bell said...

Well, my wife Karin laughed her head off when I read her that review! Personally, I found this five-out-of-five-stars endorsement even more entertaining. The reviewer seems desperately intent on liking the product, despite the daunting list of flaws and tribulations he endures.