Monday, October 11, 2010

eBook Report: Wildside

Rescued from the backlist: Steven Gould's 1996 novel Wildside, now available in eBook format with spiffy new cover, shown above. (Disclosure: I got the manuscript for free, as part of his crowdsource proofreading project; and I probably took longer to work through it than he would have wanted. Oh well.)

Logline: A group of high school graduates spend their summer vacation in the wilderness of a parallel universe--one where humans never existed. It's a fun read, kind of the anti-Stargate, with similar technical ingenuity ("Want power in another universe? Use an extension cord. Want water? Run a hose") but less adoration of the military.

The Big Idea, as finally explained, does strain credulity, but Steve keeps a tight focus on the protagonists and their families throughout. In that way, the tone is very similar to Jumper; but I wouldn't call either that or Wildside strictly a YA novel.

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