Sunday, October 07, 2012

Humans are weird!

Jasper here! I don't know what's going on, but humans are weird!

Tye and I were enjoying our midnight snack from Food Robot when another one of those strange outdoor humans came right up to the sliding glass door and started tapping at it! Of course, I went and hid under the bed right away, but I heard lots of noises for a while, like the humans were knocking things over!

Once the noises stopped, the humans came and dragged me out from under the bed! I complained, but they ignored me, and they smelled really bad--sweaty and salty and kind of garbage-y! Anyway, they threw me into the cat bathroom, where Tye and Lady Grey were already hanging out, and just closed the door with all three of us inside!

I've been complaining very loudly, and I can hear them moving around outside, but they keep ignoring us! Maybe they wanted all three of us to eat together for some reason? They put a whole bunch of food and water in here. But even Tye is done eating now! And he eats a lot! We're ready to come out and do something else now!

I guess I'll just keep reminding the humans to let us out. Humans can be very forgetful sometimes!

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