Sunday, September 09, 2012

Lady Grey is Not Amused

TL;DR: Adopt this cat! Backstory below.

Our household seems to have a penchant for attracting foster cats. Last spring, it was a stray kitten (who found a good home, thanks to WCGHS); and earlier this summer, on June 22nd, DeeAnn and Darla found a cat while on one of their morning walks.

The cat was wearing a collar, so D&D canvassed some nearby houses to see if anyone had lost a cat. There were a couple of leads, but they didn't pan out. DeeAnn and I also put up some flyers around the neighborhood later. Those haven't generated any response either.

"Lady Grey" stayed with Darla for two months, but her apartment complex doesn't actually allow pets, and they do threaten periodic inspections. DeeAnn also felt some responsibility for kitty, so on August 23rd, she took up residence in our guest bathroom.

Of course, since we have the technology, we set up a webcam in Lady Grey's room to make sure she's doing okay. I'll be posting videos over the next few days and letting our resident boy-cats, Jasper and Tye, tell you all about our house guest.

Lady Grey is up for adoption. Our local vet has certified her disease-free and estimated she's about five years old. If you or someone you know in the Portland metro area would like to give Lady Grey a home, please contact us!


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