Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lady Grey Cam, Day 7: Hungry is the Hunter!

Jasper here, with a look back at the end of Lady Grey's first week with us! She was definitely getting comfortable--you can see her out and about, playing more, and eating more!"

Also, if you are curious, that's Ascension that one of the humans is playing on the i-pad! I do not really understand how this game works, but it looks like you play by swiping your paws across the screen, and that seems pretty cool!

Lady Grey is up for adoption. If you or someone you know in the Portland metro area would like to give her a good home, please contact the humans!


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Brian Enigma said...

Game for Cats (, now that's an iPad swiping game that cats can get into. And from that point forward, they think that anything displayed on an iPad is also a swiping game.