Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rainforest Writers Village, Day One

Highlights from our first day at the Rainforest Writers Village:

We arrived last night so we could spend today sightseeing, and we did. Recommended by both the AAA guy who gave us our Olympic Peninsula map and Shawn(sp?), the front desk clerk here at the resort, we drove up to Ruby Beach and wandered around for a while. It was pretty foggy, but still beautiful:

Someone ahead of us had left behind some Goldsworthy-esque rock art:

Which inspired DeeAnn to create her own mini-monument:

After enjoying a picnic lunch in the car and observing high tide, we headed back to the resort, stopping along the way to visit a couple of big old cedar trees:

Hey, is that tree giving us the finger? The nerve!


For dinner, DeeAnn made a tasty crockpot chowder. The bad news: we put the leftovers in a covered plastic bowl out on the porch to cool, and then some raccoons stole it. Just stole the whole damn thing! I heard a noise outside and came to the window in time to see them making off with the entire bowl. Furry small-handed bastards. The nerve!

No photos of that, but it did generate this amusing Twitter conversation:

After the evening meet-and-greet with other retreat attendees, we helped one woman call in her leaking roof (spotty cell phone reception here), then retired to our cabin and spent some time breaking the story we're going to write collaboratively over the next few days. It'll be a continuation of my 512 Words flash fiction "Defeated," and should be pretty interesting. I will also be writing this week's 512, plus working on at least one of the novels I have yet to finish.

If you're interested, look for our Twitter updates tagged #rainforest2011a. I may not be blogging much more until Monday...


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