Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rainforest Writers Village, Day Five

Last day of the retreat! We gathered in the lounge for a group photo and some wrap-up activities, including a word count tally (DeeAnn came in 6th overall) and door prize drawing. There was a giant gummy bear involved.

DeeAnn's name was drawn for one of the door prizes, and she selected a bundle of an autographed paperback copy of Kat Richardson's Underground and this nifty, color-coordinated notebook:


After that, everyone dragged out their goodbyes for a while--some of us hadn't actually talked much during the retreat, because we'd all been busy writing. Cards and e-mail addresses and hugs were exchanged. Pretty much everyone said they'd love to come back next year (including Patrick, fortunately).

On our way out, DeeAnn and I stopped down the road to check out the world's largest spruce tree. It wasn't quite as large as the cedars we saw on Wednesday, but it certainly looked more alive.


After visiting the spruce, we realized we were just at the other end of the road that led from the Rain Forest Resort Village cabins, so we walked back that way. It was less muddy than the trail we'd come in on, and we got to take a closer look at the ruins we'd driven past a few days ago.


All in all, we had a great time at the retreat; I could have wished for a little more socializing, but DeeAnn and I accomplished our main goals, which were to write a story together and celebrate our anniversary. We talked a little in the car about our next writing collaboration, and what we're going to do for our anniversary next year.

It's been raining pretty hard all day today. We don't mind the rain.


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