Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sometimes, the humans like to have other humans come visit. Mostly, this happened when we lived in our other house. We'd have a crowd of nice humans who came over every few days. I got lots of pets and playtime then!

Once in a while, there would be a whole LOT of humans for one day only. Bayla and I got locked in our room when that happened. It was boring, but it was okay. I don't like too many strange humans to bother me! Besides, some of the familiar, nice humans would come visit.

Since we moved to the mini-house, there haven't been many human visitors. We either get scary strangers who come in with noisy machines, or we get one human at a time. The one human stays for a little while, usually ignores Bayla and me, and then goes away again.

This weekend we got lots of humans! First, we got one human who ignored us for a couple of nights. Then we got a bunch of humans for one day only. One of the human bunch even stayed overnight.

It's been a long time since we've seen so many humans at once! I remember both of the humans who stayed with us from before, but all the others were new. I thought it would be scary, especially since Bayla and I weren't safe in our room with the door closed this time.

But it wasn't so bad! The first human who stayed with us put up a shimmery curtain-thing. Most of the new humans stayed on the other side of the curtain. The ones who didn't were mostly just running back and forth through the curtain. They really seemed to enjoy it. A couple of the others came through the curtain to give me pets and attention. That was nice.

I'm starting to remember why I used to like it when my humans had other humans come to visit!

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