Saturday, February 21, 2009

DIY Oscar Party Kit

Every year, D and I host an Academy Awards viewing party at our home, and we amassed a bit of a following in the bay area over the last decade. Now that we've moved away, our friends Ken & Jerry are carrying on the tradition down there. The following materials are for them, and anyone else hosting an Oscar Party tomorrow, to use freely!

Acceptance Speech BINGO

Reload the "generate card" link and print without headers or footers on card stock. It's always good to do a quick visual check before printing each card, to make sure you don't have any wacky words on there--the Perl script that sifts the word list is far from perfect.

Trivia Slides
View Online / Download PowerPoint File (2.4MB)

We used to print these out and mount them on colored cardboard before taping them to the walls, but lately we've just been running the slide show on one of our laptops. If you download the PPT file, it's already set to kiosk mode with a 20-second delay. If you don't have PowerPoint, you can download the viewer for free.

Printable Ballot
Download PDF (833KB) from

See if your guests can predict the winners! Thanks to TiVo, we can pause the show right before the first award to make sure we've got everyone's completed ballots. I also print my answer key on a plastic transparency slide so it's easier to "grade" the ballots.

Assembling prizes is left as an exercise for the reader. We usually get small tchotchkes and sweets from OTC or the local party store and throw a handful of those into gift bags for BINGO prizes, then make a gift basket (with one trinket related to each of the Best Picture nominees) for the "predict the winners" grand prize. And I gotta tell you, it was tough finding something for Milk.


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