Saturday, February 14, 2009

GC Summit 2009 Debriefing

Thursday night's gathering was a rousing success, thanks in large part to the Shinteki folks, who got us a meeting room and free parking at the San Francisco Zoo. See for yourself:

Thanks also to Larry Hosken, who (via his employer) loaned the video equipment I used to record the talks. They'll be online Real Soon Now. Meanwhile, you can flip through the slides:

All the presenters had great things to say, but I want to repeat just one phrase: RUN MORE GAMES. Volunteer to help playtest or staff an event. Ask past GCs about their experiences. It really is a lot of fun, and it's something every Gamer should try at some point.

Part of it is, as Red says, about giving back to the community, but it's also about challenging yourself even further. If you've played more than one Game, you know you can survive (and, hopefully, thrive) solving puzzles in a van for 36 hours. You've already pushed yourself to the edge of that envelope.

Maybe it's time to explore a bigger envelope.

Run a Game.


P.S. In case anyone's still looking for it, here's my Open Letter to Aspiring GCs.

(UPDATE: You can now view all the presentation videos online.)

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