Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SnoutCast #84: "Re: Microsoft Intern Game 2011 (Part 1)"

Checking in with Greg Filpus, Kim Vlcek, Matt VanderKolk, and Nick Fang from MSIG-GC. (Apologies for the audio stutters in the first few minutes; Skype eventually got better.)

ALSO: Saturday's my birthday! I'd like to do another crazy stunt like last year's "37 Postcards" project, but am currently drawing a blank. Please feel free to e-mail me your ideas and suggestions. I'll decide before the end of the month and announce on the podcast! (To be honest, I'm mostly just curious whether anyone actually reads these show notes.)

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00:00 - Teaser: "Ready?"
01:19 - "ailing"
02:55 - how many people were on MSIG-GC?
06:01 - personal histories
07:25 - "The Intern Game: it's not just for interns anymore."
09:28 - throwing manpower at puzzle sites
12:26 - percentages and other intern-targeted puzzle events
19:48 - what's so special about the Intern Game?
23:58 - comparisons to Puzzle Day
27:31 - the big question cliffhanger!
28:04 - for more information: e-mail igleads@microsoft.com
29:53 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "My Monkey" by Jonathan Coulton

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