Tuesday, September 06, 2011

How I Spent My Labor Day

DeeAnn and I had some tough decisions to make yesterday. I wanted to make a day of it at the movies; she got to pick where we'd see the second show and, based on that, which show would be the third.

I know, it's a little complicated. That's why I made a flowchart. (Also because I'm a nerd.) Our final, chosen path is highlighted in red:

I'd still like to see all the movies shown on that chart at some point, but we'll probably wait for DVD (or Netflix streaming) for most of them. Going out to a movie just seems to get more expensive and less convenient all the time.



Matt said...

Not a puzzle, right? :)

CKL said...

This is not a Clue.

Ouroboros said...

That is a Screenwriter's Research Day of movie viewing.