Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This cat would make a great Xmas gift!

Jasper here! If you live in the Portland metro area, we've got the perfect gift for that special human on your list: Lady Grey! She is a spayed female cat—a gray tuxedo Domestic Shorthair (DSH)—approximately five years old, and she would love to join your family!

Lady Grey likes to explore closets, climb furniture, eat wet and dry food, charge around the house, and watch the world out the window! She greets every visitor, and plays with everything from cat toys to postcards!

See for yourself! Lady Grey stars in this safe-for-work video...


...and this TOTES ADORBS photo slideshow!


I know, right? I'll bet you want to come whisk her away to your loving home right now! Well, here's how you can get in touch with our humans to arrange just that (click image to embiggen):


Make one of your fellow humans very happy with a new cat this holiday season! Preferably Lady Grey! SRSLY.

Note: you should not try to stuff Lady Grey into a stocking, or wrap her up in a box, for that matter! I recommend asking the lucky recipient to close his or her eyes, then gently placing Lady Grey into his or her arms. After that, just step back to reveal the surprise and witness the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

(Lady Grey will put herself in a corner just fine, but that's neither here nor there.)


1 comment:

DeeAnn said...

The more responsible human in the house feels that all cats make TERRIBLE gifts.

Adopt a cat if you want a cat, not if you need a gift.