Monday, September 20, 2010

CKL's "Wish You Were Here" Birthday Project

Next Friday, October 1st, is my 37th birthday. And, inspired by something our friend Linda did last year for her husband Brent's birthday, I'm asking you--my distant friends and family--to send me postcards to mark the occasion.

Since moving to Portland, the one thing I've missed the most is being around our friends. We love our new home, and we've met lots of cool and interesting people, but it's not quite the same. And regardless of how many new friends we make, we'd like to stay in touch with our old ones, too.

So I'm asking for a little slice of your life; a small, flat taste of where you live and what's special about it. We put a lot of thought into our decision to move to Portland, and I'd like to know about your current place of residence.

Are you in? Here's what to do:
  1. Find a postcard depicting something interesting in your town. It could be a local landmark, your favorite restaurant, or even a photograph you took (the USPS will mail just about anything with the right postage on it).

  2. Write a message starting with the words "I live here because..." Complete the sentence any way you like. Tell me what you love about where you live, or whatever it is that keeps you there.

  3. Address the postcard to:

    (Photo snapped by Igal Koshevoy at 30 Hour Day 2)

  4. Affix proper postage. A standard postcard* takes a single twenty-eight cent ($0.28) stamp to send by US Post.

  5. Mail it!

I'll scan all the postcards I receive, front and back, and post them to this blog. My goal is to collect thirty-seven postcards by the end of October. I'd love to get one from you!

ADDENDUM: To see the postcards I've gotten so far, look for the "37postcards" label on this blog.

ADDENDUM: Success! I received postcard #37 on October 21st--which, coincidentally, was my wife's birthday. Thanks to everyone who participated, and don't let this stop you from sending me a postcard anyway! I'll post 'em if you mail 'em. (See what I did there?)

P.S. As noted in SnoutCast #34, you do NOT need to send me a puzzle or encrypt your message in any way. Really, you don't. Just the postcard would be great. Okay. Thanks.

* Minimum size: 3-1/2 inches high by 5 inches long by 0.007 inch thick; maximum size: 6 inches long by 4-1/4 inches high.



Brian said...

I seriously filled in the entire postcard without putting your address. Had to put it in an envelope. Engineer Fail ;-(

Fiona said...

and almost two years late, I am currently holding the "better late than never" prize at postcard #58 - woot!