Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SnoutCast #17: "Codes"

Sorry for the lateness of this week's episode, and also the lack of extensive show notes. Perhaps someone else will provide the latter (hint, hint).

And yes, there is a puzzle embedded in this podcast! Follow the instructions in the solution for a chance to win a care package of DeeAnn's homemade fudge. All responses will be read on the air in two weeks; the most creative response wins. Judges' decision is final.

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00:00 - Firefly reference teaser
24:46 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "The Future Soon" by Jonathan Coulton

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lahosken said...

01:10 Welcome to Snoutcast
02:00 Variations on the theme of "dude"
03:00 Hey what was that? Oh, they're going to talk about codes
03:55 Hey what was that?
04:56 You can use these things to encode something using one of the standards.
06:00 How do codes fit into that?
06:30 The 2010 GC Summit videos will be online "real soon now"
08:00 Dan Egnor revealed wonderful things at the 2010 GC Summit, yep
09:00 clink clank puzzle pal, for that Android phone I don't have
10:00 clink clink clink The Big 4^H 5 codes if you count Ternary
11:00 octal phonetic hex ASCII why are _these_ the standard?
12:50 codebreaking: letter frequencies and serious crap like that clunk clunk
13:22 enjoy codes? no. no. aw, crap. "Boring!"
14:40 the stamp puzzle: manipulating stamps is fun clunk clank
16:00 ele*clunk*gant puzzles, at least in hindsight after the endorphins
17:10 live in the present: have fun now
18:00 zombie infestation might change your approach to enjoying puzzle hunts
19:00 anyway *pum*pum* what was I saying? Hurrah, morse!
20:00 *clunk* Hogwarts had the chocolate coins.
21:00 Solving cryptograms vs solving morse vs clunk
22:00 People told GC why that puzzle wasn't elegant. People need to get lives.
22:45 "Codes: they're in the Game"
23:20 If we get any reader mail, Curtis might read it
23:50 Next week, we're talking about games, especially if DeeAnn gets her act together

CKL said...

Thanks, Larry. :)

Links to some of the things we mentioned:

Puzzle Pal solver app for Android phones

S'mores puzzle (PDF) from DASH 1

Hogwarts coins

Curtis' Ignite talk, featuring the stamps clue from MegaHard (2000)