Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Stigma of Self-Publishing, Redux!

Hello aspiring writers! Jasper here with some more FREE ADVICE for you on self-publishing. It comes from THE INTERNET, so you know it's good!

First of all, thriller writer Joe Konrath has the definitive answer to the question: "Should You Self-Publish?"

I won't keep you in suspense! The answer is, it depends. Read his complete blog post for more--he goes into specific exceptions where it makes sense to self-publish instead of going the "traditional" route!--but as he says, the most important thing is "to figure out what it is you want, and then decide on the best way to get it."

If you're interested in numbers and data and stuff like that, check out novelist Lee Goldberg's "You Can Be a Kindle Millionaire" blog posts! He talks about putting some of his backlist and out-of-print titles on Amazon, and gives actual sales numbers for each title!

And once again, his conclusion says it all: "So far, I have earned nearly $700 on out-of-print books that I thought were long past their earning potential for me. That's not a lot of money... I don't think the Kindle is the wave of the future for authors or least not yet. Not even for self-publishing. There just isn't enough money in it for original works to make a living at it or simply a decent wage."

So there you have it! If you want to be a successful writer, it still pays to get an agent! Don't get discouraged! Check out literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog or others for some inside dish. And keep writing!

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