Monday, August 03, 2009

Puzzles in Portland

During our time in the bay area, DeeAnn and I ran several puzzle hunt events ("The Game") with Team Snout, and now we're starting a new tradition in Portland...

We're collaborating with Game Controls (GCs) in nine cities across the US to create a one-day, walking puzzle hunt called DASH (Different Area, Same Hunt). Each city is contributing one puzzle, and players in every city will solve the same set of puzzles on the same day--albeit in different locations.

Interested? Get more information and sign up here:

(We're also looking for some volunteers in the Portland area to do playtesting over the next few weeks and help run the event on September 13th. We don't expect a lot of teams, but we'll do our best to make it fun for everyone. E-mail if you'd like to help.)

Please spread the word to your puzzle-loving friends in PDX!



LC said...

Look at you guys! Tons of cities in DASH and the only one with a site up? PDX! Go CKL+D!

CKL said...

To be fair, I am the webmaster, so we did have a slight advantage. :)