Friday, May 22, 2009

More on Self-Publishing

I'm sure many people will miss the crucial bits in today's Washington Times article on self-publishing (featuring outlier Wil Wheaton), so I'll highlight them here. My emphasis below:

Melinda Roberts ... admits it's been tough going: "When I sell a book, I can buy a Big Mac, and that's about it. My last quarterly check, which is sitting on my desk waiting to be deposited, was $24."

Translation: Don't quit your day job. All writers get this advice, and self-published writers are no different.

Mr. Wheaton argues, "There's a sharp distinction between self-publishing and vanity publishing." He encourages writers who are serious about their work to self-publish — if they're certain they've written a good book... "If you're serious, hire an editor. And pay for it. Listen to the editor. If you think your story about magic ponies is really awesome but nobody wants to buy it, there's probably a reason for it."

Translation: Get a second opinion (or even a first) before proclaiming your genius from the rooftops. You could avoid a lot of embarrassment.

Hope this helps!


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