Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was wrong.

Remember how I was talking about things getting more fair around here? As it turns out, not so much.

It looks like my time of freedom from pills has ended. She forced one down me yesterday. It's been weeks since I had to take a pill. You'd think the humans would recognize this and give me a treat afterward or something. Not yesterday.

To make matters even worse, it turns out that Jasper's syringe-full of sticky stuff isn't bad at all. I watched the humans make it for the last couple of days. Once, they mixed it with water. The other times, however, they mixed it with tuna broth. I have no idea why humans would think that they need a syringe to make Jasper eat tuna broth. That stuff is a treat. We both love it.

Apparently, the humans have come to that realization as well. She made a batch of sticky tuna broth yesterday and started to suck it into a syringe. She must have noticed us standing there and looking hopeful, however, so just put it down for Jasper to eat.

As I mentioned, I like tuna broth. I hurried over to get some. Jasper would have let me share, but the humans dragged me out out the room. I had to lie there, struggling, and pinned down on the bed while he enjoyed his broth.

And all this happened just minutes after she made me take a pill. I had to suffer and Jasper got the treat.

There is no justice.

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