Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lost and Lost

The bad news: On Sunday, I misplaced $400 worth of electronics.
The good news: I hadn't actually paid for any of it myself.

The items in question were a Creative Zen portable media player ($100) and a pair of Shure sound-isolating earphones ($300). I got the former from my previous employer as a bonus gift, and won the latter in a drawing at Coverville 500. I'm unhappy about losing them, but not heartbroken. Mostly, I'm confused, because I'm not sure how it happened.

Here's what I do know: On Saturday night, I watched an episode of Stargate Atlantis on the Zen--in bed, before I went to sleep. On Sunday morning, I took the Zen and the earphones from the nightstand and put them in my jacket. Then D and went out to breakfast and a movie. When I went to look for the Zen on Sunday night, it wasn't in my jacket.

The jacket in question was a SCOTTEVEST ("SeV") garment. I've owned three different SeV jackets and loved all of them--as a geek, I love to carry around a lot of gadgets. (Even in high school, I would go everywhere with a backpack and a messenger bag.) This jacket has nearly 30 pockets and storage compartments, and all but three of those are zippered, velcroed, or otherwise secured shut: the two pen holder slots, and this one:

Yeah. Guess where I had put the now-missing items? That's right, in the only pocket without some kind of closure. 'cause I'm smart. S-M-R-T.

To be fair to myself, I've been wearing this jacket since last summer, and I had carried stuff in that pocket throughout five months of Travels With Our Cats. It's an interior pouch, and nothing has ever fallen out before. I still don't know for sure that's what happened, but it seems the most likely of all the unlikely scenarios I've imagined.

I won't be using that pocket anymore. And if you have one of these jackets, you shouldn't, either.

Like I said, I'm not too broken up about losing the stuff. I'm just frustrated that I don't know what happened. I suppose I'm like House that way--I need to know the answer. I hate losing objects, but I hate losing information even more.



LC said...

Just out of curiosity, in the theater, did you take the vest off and hang it on the back of the theater chair? Or did you keep it on the whole time? Sorry to hear about this :-(

CKL said...

I had the vest in my lap the whole time. It was folded up, which is why I think the device might have fallen out; but the earphone cable was loose--stuffed into the pocket, not tied up in a bundle--and I would have expected it to unravel and catch on something. Weird.

I did call the theater on Sunday night, but they hadn't found anything. (It was 4+ hours after we left, so some other moviegoer might have simply kept it for themselves.)