Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Izzard and Hitchens: Separated At Birth?

Comedian Eddie Izzard on religion, from his 1999 show Dress to Kill:

And Christopher Hitchens, author of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, at Google last week:

All things being equal, I'd rather pay to see Izzard than to read Hitchens' book--and I have. I don't much need to hear more about how Religion Is Bad (I've known that since high school), but I can always stand to be entertained.

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Bryan H. Bell said...

You may prefer Izzard considering "all things being equal," but of course all things are not equal. Don't forget that not everyone is a enlightened as yourself. You may not need to hear that Religion Is Bad, but many people do. It may be true that many who read Hitchens' book are in no need of persuasion, but his book may help gird the loins of those persons when they enter discussions with those who do. Undoubtably, some persons who read his book may be convinced for the first time that Religion Is Bad. For those folks, I'm glad both Izzard's act and Hitchens' book exists. The more ways in which we can make noise about the evils of religious belief, the more ways people have of encountering and understanding that idea. Silence, in this case, is not golden.