Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fight For The Future

Reflect, for a minute, on who America's grandparents are being taught to hate: Americans who do what Americans are supposed to do, what our founders implored us to do: debate vigorously and in the open, the meaning of the public good. They used to call these people citizens.
- Rick Perlstein, "FOX: time to fight back"

This has been covered in The Simpsons, but it's both appalling and totally unsurprising that FOX programs pander to both ends of the political spectrum. They're a corporation, established for the express purpose of making a profit. They're not supposed to care about anything but making a buck, the faster the better.

The good news is that capitalism encourages competition and innovation and all that good stuff. The bad news is that capitalism often gives people tunnel vision, making them focus on making or saving a little more of it to the exclusion of other principles.

Don't forget, money is just something we made up to make trading easier. Those colorful slips of paper are meaningless unless we all agree on their value. And the question of actual value is a much longer and more difficult conversation.

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