Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Index-Fu: HDTV

(with apologies to John Rogers)

Here's all the research I've done on HDTV over the past couple of years. Starred(*) entries are more informative:

I like snarky FAQs
How Much For Just The TV?*
The Death of Quality
Black Flag
I just want to watch TV, dammit
The Road to 720p*
HDTV: Wait for it.*

I'm currently the happy owner of an Optoma SV50XF, which gets a digital HD signal from an OPPO Digital OPDV971H via DVI-D.

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CKL said...

Just an update: We've since added a "DirecTivo" HR10-250 (with dual hard drives, natch), so we're also getting HD content from satellite and local OTA transmissions.

Which is cool, but what I really want is Sci-Fi Channel in HD...