Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Happy Ending

This absolutely made my day. Really. I'm over the moon. I first blogged about this last October in "Lame Excuse of the Day", and though it took a while, reason has finally triumphed:
[The] Miami artist... much maligned for 11 misspellings that popped up in the educational mural she designed for the Livermore public library last year, spent today under the hot sun correcting her mistakes.

In addition to fixing the bard’s name, she changed “Eistein” to “Einstein,” “Gaugan” to “Gauguin” and more.

But [the artist], who at first claimed artistic license and said she wasn’t going to return to fix the faux pas because people were being too mean about it, was giving no media interviews as she worked under a broad-brimmed straw hat and blue tent. She sliced and diced the tiles with power tools, protected from the public by a barrier.

She wagged her finger at a television cameraman and threatened to throw a rock at a print photographer.

“No pictures of me!” she yelled. “If I’m in it, I’m going to sue you.”

-- "Artist corrects her infamous spelling mistakes in Livermore mural", SFGate.com

Wasn't it nice of her to remind us how childish she is? I actually would have given her a pass on "Shakespere" [sic], since the family itself spelled the name in at least 44 different ways; the now-accepted "official" spelling is merely historical consensus.

I would also have preferred it if the city had found some legal force majeure to compel her to make the modifications gratis, instead of having to pay "$6,000 plus travel expenses." But hey, overall, a resounding victory for actual correctness (instead of political correctness, for once)! I'll take what I can get.

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