Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm super, thanks for asking

Smallville, the sad excuse for a TV series currently polluting the airwaves, begins its new season on September 29th. The WB has released some new promotional posters, including one with images of Superboy wannabe Tom Welling and new recurring guest star James Marsters flanking the tagline "He's not the only one on Earth."

Well, duh.

After that Supergirl fake-out, I figured they couldn't resist doing an actual Super-family reunion sooner or later. Hey, when does the Bottle City of Kandor show up? And which vodka manufacturer will get the product placement deal?

As a cranky comics historian once said:

"Last Son of Krypton my ASS, the only Kryptonians who didn't escape that planet's destruction were ones who'd deliberately been tied down to the planet's core, and shot in the fucking face before the explosion."
-- Gone & Forgotten

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VR said...

Need Beppo the Super-Monkey to make an appearance.