Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Brand New Car!

Yup, that's a new 2005 Toyota Prius. We bought it yesterday from Toyota 101 in Redwood City and had a good, relatively hassle-free experience. We splurged for the GPS navigation system, because we love gadgets and hate getting lost.*

In the second photo, that's a Snout magnet (design inspired by Serenity); there's one on either flank. I made a bunch of these via for use during The Game (decorating our van, tagging other teams'), and they look quite smart. I plan to order more, and adhere them wherever possible.

* Tellme is good for many things, but giving driving directions is not one of them. It's slow, usually can't understand what I'm saying, and wait, I have to know what city I'm in? I'm lost! That's why I'm calling for directions!


VR said...

Tellme is so 2001; Wireless internet on your skull implant...Mmmm...

Apparently Prius manufacturing only takes a few thousand gallons worth of energy. Who knew?

Personally, I think the Snouticon should be a tattoo.

CKL said...

A Bluetooth skull implant might be nice, except you'd have to... think in... Russian! (Or Japanese. Whatever.)