Thursday, June 02, 2005

Summer of Sci Fi

Though the current state of genre TV is pretty abysmal, a decent number of science fiction and fantasy films are invading your local cineplex in the coming months. Some of them may even be good. I made a list for myself, and now, I'm sharing it with you. Enjoy.

Note: I require "genre" films to have some essential, fantastic element, which is why you won't see many straight horror or action flicks in this list.

Howl's Moving Castle (6/10/2005)
Witches, man!
Interest: Must See

The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D (6/10/2005)
Like Sin City, but, you know, for kids.
Interest: Medium

Batman Begins (6/17/2005)
Some dude running around in a cape.
Interest: Must See

Land of the Dead (6/24/2005)
Dear George A. Romero: Enough with the zombies already!
Interest: Low

Bewitched (6/24/2005)
Interest: None

War of the Worlds (7/1/2005)
Some dude running away from aliens.
Interest: Must See

Undead (7/1/2005)
Some chick running away from zombies.
Interest: Medium

Fantastic Four (7/8/2005)
I only see three.
Interest: High

Dark Water (7/8/2005)
Jennifer Connelly in a wet T-shirt contest. You wish.
Interest: Low

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (7/15/2005)
Johnny Depp, you are so hot, but so freakin' weird.
Interest: High

The Island (7/22/2005)
Obi-Wan is a clone!
Interest: Low

The Brothers Grimm (7/29/2005)
Terry Gilliam finishes a movie.
Interest: Must See

Night Watch (7/29/2005)
In Soviet Russia, VAMPIRES watch YOU!
Interest: High

Sky High (7/29/2005)
Disney rips off Aaron Williams' PS238.
Interest: Medium

Stealth (7/29/2005)
Ray Charles is a fighter pilot?
Interest: Low

2046 (8/5/2005)
See those future trains runnin', watch 'em disappear...
Interest: High

The Skeleton Key (8/12/2005)
Kate Hudson don't practice Santeria, she ain't got no crystal ball...
Interest: None

Valiant (8/19/2005)
Obi-Wan is a pigeon!
Interest: Medium

The Cave (8/26/2005)
My, it's dark in here. "Black," one could say; perhaps even "pitch."
Interest: Low

A Sound of Thunder (9/2/2005)
Ray Bradbury is spinning in his grave. (UPDATE 6/3: BHB points out that Mr. Bradbury is still alive. Oops.)
Interest: None

Corpse Bride (9/23/2005)
Tim Burton directs computer animated puppets.
Interest: High

Serenity (9/30/2005)
Big Damn Movie based on Joss Whedon's FIREFLY.
Interest: Must See

Actually, I know Serenity will be good, having already seen a preview screening. Fans will love it, but who knows how it'll play in Peoria. More on that later.

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VR said...

Good assessment.

I'd go higher on Dark Water since it's Japanese-based, lower on War of the Worlds because NOTHING could beat the cheesy TV series from like 10 years ago :)

Max and I are both interested in Night Watch.

They should Ray Bradbury in a power generator for the speed he must be going at :)