Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Does that seem low to you?

The Sci Fi Channel has bought exclusive cable rights to "Firefly" from Twentieth TV for a total license fee of about $450,000 in a deal that includes three episodes Fox never ran.

-- "'Firefly' spreading wings", Variety

On second thought, I suppose it's all gravy at this point-- FOX has already made a boatload of money from selling advertising for the original airings, plus the sales 0f 200,000+ DVD box sets. It just seemed odd at first, since there was a lot of hubbub about how Firefly cost so much (roughly $1.5 million per episode) to produce, which is why Sci Fi couldn't pick it up as another original series, like they did with Stargate SG-1 after Showtime dumped it.

In other news, Global Frequency don't need no stinkin' TV network-- this thing practically distributes itself!

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