Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#Xmasmoviethon Index, 2016 Edition

Every year around Christmastime, DeeAnn and I spend an entire day at the movies seeing as many first-run shows as we can. Here are some statistics recounting how we spent our Boxing Day this year...

(with apologies to Harper's)

Movies seen: 5

Musicals seen: 3

Animated movies seen: 2

Disney movies seen: 2

Animated Disney movies seen: 1

Movies set in the past: 3

Movies with Alan Tudyk in a supporting role: 2

Movies in which Alan Tudyk played a human: 0

Movies DeeAnn compared to No Country for Old Men: 1

Movies with problematic depictions of race: 2

Movies with problematic depictions of sex/gender: 2

Movies that made me cry: 3

Yes, I am a __-year-old girl: 12

Length of marathon, in hours: 15

You could probably figure out most of the films we saw from the clues above. Feel free to work on that puzzle as long as you like, then see below for more hints (click through to Instagram for answers):

  1. A musical set in the past
  2. A movie set in the past
  3. Another musical
  4. Yet another musical
  5. Another movie set in the past


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