Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Famine Teams: District 1, Luxury

Jasper here! I don't understand why the humans like these "puzzle hunt" Games so much, but apparently there's another one coming up in a few months! They got very excited two weeks ago when something called "The Reaping" happened and their "team" was named as a Tribute. Hooray! I guess?

Anyway, twenty-three other teams were selected to play in this Game at the end of September, and I got curious about who the humans were going to encounter on their trip, so I did a little research! (Cats are awesome at Internet research. It's a fact. Look it up.) I'll be sharing my results over the next several Wednesdays, one district (two teams) at a time!

Let's begin! This is part one in a twelve-part series!

Team Snout
Portland OR, SF Bay Area, Norfolk, UK

This team comprises my humans (Curtis and DeeAnn) plus their friends Cary, Chris, Corby, Josh, Karl, and Lisa! Astute observers will notice that eight people is two more than Game Control's recommended maximum team size, but that's okay. The humans have fielded teams as large as nine people in the past, and lived to tell the tale! I believe this time they've reserved a fifteen-passenger van, which should be quite (wait for it) luxurious!

But wait, there's MOAR: ten and a half minutes of outtakes, if you can stand it!

The Hunger Dames
Los Angeles CA

I have never met these humans before, but if I'm not mistaken, they are all female! That makes this only the second all-female Game team I've seen. It's about time! And I love how they own their womanliness in both word and wardrobe--calling themselves "The Hunger Dames," making their slogan "may the broads be ever in your favor," and wearing those stylish V-neck shirts! Knock 'em dead, Amy, Annie, Maggie, Maya, and Summer! But not literally. My humans need to come home and feed me! Cats get hungry too, you know!

Next week: meet the teams from District Two!


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