Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Paint and View

Last weekend, we went to GameStorm 14 and had a great time. On Saturday, we brought along our friend Darla (it was her birthday), and also gave her a gaming miniature we'd picked up for the con's mini painting contest on Sunday. She didn't enter the contest, but she did end up painting the mini and gifting it back to DeeAnn.

Before I show you the photos, I want you to understand that the original object was just a tiny hunk of gray plastic. It looked something like this:

(image from

That's not the actual mini (I didn't take a photo, and I couldn't find it online), but it's similar in that the monochrome plastic obscures a lot of the detail that was sculpted into the figure. Also note, that circular base is just one inch across. It's tiny. Painting one of these things is all about tiny brushes and getting the details right.

Now, this is what Darla produced, four days later:

Notice the terrain? She added that. Rocks and grass. The base used to be just a flat circle.

As for the painting, did you notice how the individual buttons and stitches pop, and all the different textures on the clothing, skin, and weapons? Click the image to embiggen:

I'm telling you, that girl got skillz.


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