Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Repeat Presenter

There's a blog post, so it must be official: I am one of the twenty people selected to present at Ignite Portland 10 on February 9th!

This will be my second Ignite talk; the first, in 2009, was a précis on puzzle hunts. This one will be a sort of companion piece to DeeAnn's 2010 overview of our 2008 road trip with our cats. (I submitted the original proposal for an earlier Ignite under the title "Travels WITHOUT Our Cats;" this time, I called it "A Homebrew Cat Feeding Robot.") But I'll do my best to make my talk interesting even to people who don't have cats, and I'm looking forward to several of the other talks, myself.

If you're in Portland, stop by and see the show! Otherwise, you'll be able to watch the videos online a few weeks later.


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