Tuesday, December 06, 2011

SnoutCast #94: Gamer Profile - CHRIS HARRIS, The Gipper

Kids, if anybody knows the solution to the How I Met Your Mother puzzle, it's probably Chris Harris.

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00:59 - "comedic"
01:43 - who were The Gipperian Advillains?
05:32 - their adorable application video for WHO Game
06:57 - how Chris stumbled into the world of puzzle hunts
11:04 - do your TV-writer day job skills overlap with The Game?
16:28 - getting the "Big Boss" involved with the WHO Game
23:10 - what is the least you can do, really?
25:06 - plug-o-rama: HIMYM; what's next?
28:06 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Tom Cruise Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton

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Skott said...

After telling my wife about NPH's involvement in WHO, she seemed disappointed that she didn't get a chance to participate in the WHO storyline and see him revealed (she's a big NPH fan). To make it up to her, I put HIMYM in our Netflix queue. We've become such big fans of the show that every day when my wife comes home for lunch, she says "Quick! Get our show on so we can watch it before I have to go back to work!"

So Chris can go ahead and take credit for creating two new fans. :)

DeeAnn said...

Four, actually.

Curtis and I started watching HIMYM after our talk with Chris, too. We're all caught up and totally hooked now. :)