Monday, June 27, 2011

I Write, You Donate

It's real simple: I commit to writing at least 1,024 words a day for 42 consecutive days, and you donate some money to the Clarion Foundation. As little or as much as you want, fully tax-deductible, to support their annual "boot camp" for science fiction and fantasy writers.

Donate now!

Why you should donate: In addition to feeling good about supporting the arts, if I meet both my wordcount goal (likely) and donation target (uncertain), I will send each of my donors a unique, personalized digital artifact. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is; if you want to find out, donate!

As an additional incentive to any fellow Sea Monkeys reading this, I'll match every dollar you donate to Clarion with a contribution to my own #JCCC2 fund. (If I don't end up going on the 2012 cruise, I'll donate that money to an appropriate charity--most likely Child's Play--or just buy myself a pony. Could go either way on that.)

My specific project goals for the next six weeks include:
  • rewriting a novella and submitting it to WOTF (deadline: 6/30);
  • final rewrite of a novel, and starting agent queries;
  • first draft of a short story collaboration with my wife;
  • a new 512 every Friday;
  • more short stories; and
  • better short stories.
I'm not taking requests as such, but since I have to crank out 512 Words every week, donors should feel free to suggest story ideas.

(Read more about my participation this year, and see the results of my write-a-thoning last year and the year before that.)


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