Wednesday, January 26, 2011


It's officially official: DeeAnn and I are attending the second session of this year's Rainforest Writers Village, which coincides with our sixth wedding anniversary. (The other two trip choices I offered her were PAX East or a local getaway--Resort at the Mountain or Skamania Lodge.)

You may think it's not terribly romantic to go on a retreat with nearly forty other writers and more-or-less work for half a week, but we're not that big on romance to begin with. We've been wanting to visit the Olympic Peninsula for a while, and we've learned that if we don't have a reason for going somewhere--e.g., we've paid for tickets already, or somebody's meeting us there--we're more likely to cancel or never actually plan a trip in the first place. And we like going to new places, so we need to manufacture motivation for ourselves, usually by creating some kind of accountability.

Anyway, we do want to get some writing done--I need to finish a novel soon!--and hang out with cool folks like Mary Robinette Kowal, but we'll also make time for a little walking around and nature-gawking. Expect to see photos toward the end of March (and video, if we encounter any interesting woodland creatures).


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Kiraboodog said...

Kiraboodog from PDXBrowncoats here. The Olympic Peninsula is fantastic! We finally went last summer. Head over to the coast if you have time, it's simply outstanding. Lots of great hiking and beach walking everywhere in the rainforest. Enjoy!