Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SnoutCast #15: "Hints"

Are you still having fun?

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00:00 - Random Teaser™: Tattoo Science, PDX Edition
02:31 - Welcome; DeeAnn is generous
05:08 - The Humble Indie Bundle
07:46 - why we used pre-printed hints in DASH 1 PDX and DASH 2 PDX
09:36 - how "we" decided to run DASH 1 PDX as a relay
11:46 - phoning it in
12:35 - computer help files R TEH SUX0RZ
16:09 - accurate labeling on canned hints for DASH
17:22 - the Wonka Game hint penalty system
21:21 - teams are very specific about "hint" vs. "confirm"
23:41 - "solution methodology" hints in DASH 2 PDX
24:22 - show not tell
25:27 - DeeAnn read this really cool article but now she can't remember it.
26:00 - Maybe Larry knows what it is.
26:50 - were DASH 1 PDX hints better than DASH 2 PDX? too spoilery?
29:03 - Portland loves hints
30:03 - hints in Shinteki Field Trip: Disneyland
31:17 - would DeeAnn's mom enjoy Shinteki Disneyland?
32:12 - how is a puzzle like a board game?
33:09 - damning with faint praise FTW OMGWTFBBQ
34:15 - Mmm... Good Eats...
34:36 - e-mail us!
35:14 - upcoming events: Shinteki Decathlon 6, w00tstock 2.x shows (now with puzzles!)
37:07 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Ikea" by Jonathan Coulton

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Unknown said...

Alas, I don't know what article y'all are talking about. But it's OK if you say that I kick ass anyhow. I have a Certificate of Kicking Ass hanging in my office.

CKL said...

pics or it didn't happen

Anonymous said...

Photo, albeit redacted at http://lahosken.san-francisco.ca.us/importable/coka.jpg

I didn't take this photo, by the way. It was taken by somebody else in my department. A bunch of folks in my department think a lot about how to motivate people, and they got pretty excited when they saw this certificate.

CKL said...

Excellent. :)

Greg said...

I could probably write as long an essay about the priorities that led into the hints/scoring system we used at the Seattle DASH. (Essentially being a fair competition, keeping the rules simple, and with a sidenote of not making asking for a hint a strategic decision.) The important question is always what kind of event you want to run and how teams approach it, and then making a system that encourages that behavior.

And an actual question for future SnoutCasts: how do you play board games with cats in your house? I haven't even tried at my place because mine already treats anything about the size of a board game piece that's not on the floor as something that Should Be On The Floor.