Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SnoutCast #5: Proto-Skypecast with JRA

No, we are not actually speaking from inside a tin can this week; we're trying something new: Skypecasting! Which basically amounts to recording an international telephone call, with all the attendant audio problems.

I had to do a lot of "fix it in post," and if you hear a vacuum cleaner in the background, it's because I scheduled the recording session at the same time as our monthly house cleaning. Hopefully there is still enough good content for you to enjoy this comedy of errors.

[ Download mp3 - 43 MB ]

00:00 - Random Teaser™: explaining Crisco
02:45 - introducing our special guest: Jeff!
06:32 - Clue prototypes, generally; why tactile?
08:53 - FoBiK "shrinky dinks" (2002) inspired by Tantrix tiles
16:44 - FoBiK PVC pipe decoder
20:27 - FoBiK "bloody blocks"
24:05 - FoBiK "meat necklace"
26:52 - packaging the Justice Unlimited ruler (2004)
29:06 - Curtis and Jeff get yelled at by their old boss
31:40 - recreational vacuum-forming... for great Justice
37:00 - Dragonhunt (1998): no paper clues!
40:29 - working with Nitinol in Homicide: Life On The Farm (2001)
41:02 - DeeAnn waxes nostalgic about Sutro Baths
45:10 - The End

Oh, yeah: trivia contest! Be the first to e-mail hotsheet@snout.org with the correct answer and you will win...

One(1) FREE team entry to the DASH 2 event in Portland, Oregon (the hunt happens on April 24, 2010. More information coming soon; meanwhile, you can read about DASH 1).

Good luck! We'll reveal all on our next episode, in two weeks.

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey," "Ikea," "Baby Got Back," "Chiron Beta Prime," "Shop Vac," and "Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn Jeff


lahosken said...

My usual grumble about physical clues is that it's tough for more than one player to solve it at the same time. I never saw the FoBIK PVC pipe puzzle, but the idea of a puzzle where one player manipulates it while another player reads out the data... it sounds like a good way to give multiple players something to do with that clue.

lahosken said...

(Oh yeah: thumbs-up on phone guests for SnoutCast.)

Jeff Allen said...

You missed a very important show note!

20:00 See also Jeff's rant on UIs and affordances: http://blog.nella.org/?p=578

CKL said...

Jeff: You're right! Sorry about the omission, but thanks for following up.

lahosken: I'd like to get more guests on the show. Care to volunteer? :)