Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nathan Fillion: King of Castle

Castle gets a lot of things wrong. It wildly misrepresents--or, at best, cherry-picks--the experience of being a bestselling novelist or a New York City detective. But damn that smarmy motherfucker Nathan Fillion. He's just so entertaining to watch.

Also, as Leverage showrunner John Rogers notes, the techie clues have been real smart so far. I still don't buy Stana Katic as murder police, but I'm giving her Kate Beckett character the benefit of the doubt for now. Maybe the writers will come up with an interesting and plausible backstory for her.

The fourth episode was the one that really sold me. Lots of nice little moments, including the uniform searching the dumpster, Castle and his daughter cutting onions, and the closing scene in the bookstore. You can get the full show from iTunes. Here's the Lame TV PreviewTM:

Episode three wasn't bad, either. Like everyone else, I really enjoy the father-daughter scenes with Nathan and Molly. And I'm thinking about making my own "You Should Be Writing" screensaver.



Skott said...

Funny, I can pretty much buy Katic as a detective. What I can't buy is the idea that Ms. Beckett would go supermodel in a tube dress just to get that look on Castle's face.

CKL said...

I thought that was totally in character for Beckett. My problem is that Stana isn't a very good actress. (Her ad-libbing at the end of the bookstore scene was particularly horrendous.) But I'm willing to overlook a few shortcomings if the fun train is moving at a good pace.

Unknown said...

I hate Castle's mother! These horny, drunk, actress mothers are too cliche. Can we just get over Sunset Boulevard? I think the writer's need to kill her off in "a very special episode" of Castle.