Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Al Gore wants you to save the planet

Go read Wired 14.05: The Ressurection of Al Gore. And, when it opens on May 24th, go see An Inconvenient Truth. It's based on a talk that I saw Gore present earlier this month, and which he's been touring around the country. Even if the movie won't have the same impact as seeing the man in person, it will still scare you to death.

Or rather, it should scare you to death. What's truly frightening to me is the knowledge that despite all the scientific evidence, despite the hard facts that should be undeniable to anyone with an ounce of reason, there will still be people in the world who refuse to accept the truth of global climate change.

I'll admit it-- I was, for a long time, suspicious of the alarmist claims made by "green" activists about global warming and such. But Al Gore makes a hell of a case for believing what we don't want to believe, and he backs it up with real data. He's not running for office. He doesn't have a political agenda. And he doesn't take himself too seriously, but he knows when to crack a joke and when to hammer the point home.

I'm sure I won't spoil the movie by giving away his closing:

"In America, political will is a renewable resource."

It'll make more sense after you see the movie, but think about that. Go read S.1151, John McCain's Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act of 2005, and think about it.

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