Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Kung Fu Monkey: Feedback & Criticism

Not that I don't appreciate you, dear reader, but I wish you'd tell more of your friends about my HotSheet and then post thoughtful commentary like the kind to which John Rogers responds in Kung Fu Monkey: Feedback & Criticism.

Maybe I should just write about more topical matters of general interest. "Learn to say 'ain't'," as Rogers advises. But I've never been a joiner. In fact, I'm such a nonconformist, I'll shy away from a subject that I feel is being overdiscussed. Terry Schiavo, Michael Jackson, the Bush administration... Why add my voice to a cacophony of obvious opinions?


lahosken said...

A couple weeks back, a friend of mine had a small house fire. No permanent damage; she caught it in time. But what was the cause of the fire? A coffee bean candle. Who new those things were so dangerous?

Obviously anyone who destroys one of those menaces is a hero.

What are your feelings about these candles of infamy? Pro-? Anti-? Vigilantish?

CKL said...

My main feeling is that we really shouldn't have named it Java Crypt (my bad idea, mea culpa), since that sent a few teams on a wild herring chase. I mean, if we're going to mislead you, we should at least do it with a sense of purpose, right?