Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I had a great Memorial Day weekend

As shown in these spoiler-free photos, and one video:

DeeAnn and I traveled to the Bay Area to visit friends and participate in a few different puzzle-hunt-ish events, including Team Snout's annual business meeting, volunteering for Shinteki Decathlon 9, playing the Cluekeeper "Stanford Puzzle Tour" with Larry Hosken, and attempting to "Escape from the Moon Base" (our first Real Escape Game experience) with Larry, Corby, Yuan, and Mike.

It was a great trip, albeit a little exhausting: was California always so brutally sunny? Or have we just grown accustomed to the Pacific Northwest?



Wei-Hwa Huang said...

Which day did you try to escape from the Moon Base, did you succeed, and what did you think of the experience?

gwillen said...

@Wei-Hwa: Just in case you might be interested in Ducky Charms' Moon Base experience -- Deanna and I and four other people went on Sunday. We did not succeed (nobody in our batch succeeded.) I personally enjoyed the experience similarly to other SCRAP/Real Escape productions, but we (at least Deanna and I) felt a bit cheated, all told -- we didn't think our overall shot at victory felt fair. Although in fairness, some teams (I believe they said 7?) have successfully escaped.

CKL said...

We played last Monday, the 26th. We did not succeed (though we came very close). It was fun!

This was our first experience playing a SCRAP/REG event, and it was very different from the only other "room escape" we've done (Puzzle Break Seattle). Moon Base felt more like a traditional puzzle hunt, especially with all the other teams in close proximity.

Two of the teams in our session escaped, and another came very close (they left two people at the table instead of just one). I can understand how people might be unsatisfied with the ending, but as I've said elsewhere, we would have done better if we had listened to DeeAnn more. Story of my life. :)