Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SnoutCast #131: WARTRON the Hard Way

This week, by listener request: an extra-long episode discussing behind-the-scenes ups and downs of WarTron GC! (Just to be clear, the request was for "a peek behind the curtain," not the extra length.)

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00:59 - "collaborative"
06:32 - goal tracking
07:20 - On Inconvenient Selfishness
12:07 - poly-ticks?
16:20 - On Our Amazing Overachieving Volunteers
21:45 - over-communication is almost enough documentation
25:47 - On How Debug Code Saved the Finale
28:28 - last-minute changes at Keller Fountain and the Canby Ferry
39:57 - things we learned the hard way
46:16 - script shooting success!
50:01 - MOAR EVENTZ: Puzzle Hunt Calendar, BBSB's Ravenchase travelog, BANG 33 Rerun
52:24 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton

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Curtis DeeAnn Jasper Tye

1 comment:

lahosken said...

Speaking of awesome volunteers, I have a request: whenever there's some "credits page" for WarTron, I want photos of volunteers. Because I don't know any of the Portland folks, but I suspect they're pretty cool. But right now in my head they're all just like "The other one at light bikes" or whatever.

Maybe a good way to talk about the dry run would be "The N biggest things that changed because of the dry run"