Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SnoutCast #26: "Why YOU Should Run a Game"

Yes, you. I'm talking to you. You should run a puzzle hunt event. And here's why! (Apologies for the extra-long podcast this week, but we had a lot to say on this topic; also, many thanks to Scott for letting us re-use his original content.)

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00:59 - "scientific"
01:58 - as Jeff used to say: "Run more Games!"
04:07 - DeeAnn enjoys doing research
05:01 - Puzzalot blog post: "What's happening this year [2010]?"
06:35 - passing the SNAP baton (or not) to the next GC
08:22 - how Seattle differs from the SF bay area, Game community-wise
09:35 - why DASH may become an annual event (a hypothesis)
10:44 - yes, apparently we can talk about Dr. When, The Game (target: May 2011)
12:22 - the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt (MSPH) gap
14:42 - yay for Shinteki!
15:41 - available any time: 2-Tone Game
16:14 - investigating the claim that "no more [west coast] hunts this year...would be the first time there hasn't been a BANG, a Game, and a MSPH in the same year since the BANGs inception."
19:16 - diversity is good, QED
19:57 - try something new! e.g., 2-Tone Game, Puzzled Pint
20:50 - reviving the YABA Treasure Hunt
21:55 - Puzzle Hunt Forum poll: "Why aren't you running a Game?"
23:32 - ...current results: "Not enough time" and "Don't have a consistent team" have the most votes
24:31 - "There's important context here!"
25:19 - see also: Red's GC Summit talk
25:59 - DeeAnn explains how to get around "Not enough time"
28:18 - ...and how to deal with "Don't have a consistent team"
29:30 - Team Snout believes seven is the magic number for core GC
30:22 - (Yeah, Curtis doesn't speak French very well.)
33:55 - do what you like in your Game, q.v. Jan's GC Summit talk
35:48 - PRO TIP: they'll never miss what they didn't expect
37:12 - You should run a Game because it's FUN.
38:35 - "We're pathological?"
39:19 - all hobbies involve work, but they're still fun
41:19 - many thanks to Scott for Puzzalot and the Puzzle Hunt Forum!
43:15 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Tom Cruise Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton

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