Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SnoutCast #24: "From Amazing BANG to Zorg Redux"

So, clearly, we need to record these podcasts earlier in the day.

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00:00 - Zen Teaser™: salty cake-ness
02:53 - "apathetic"
03:15 - time sensitive plug: Puzzled Pint (July 13th)!
04:25 - revisiting Rich Bragg's talk from GC Summit 2008
05:53 - ways in which puzzle hunt events vary
06:53 - barriers to entry for such events
07:56 - are certain environments more conducive to puzzle hunt creation?
09:20 - digression into commercial events, like the Da Vinci Code Quest on Google...
11:30 - ...and Day in the Cloud (which Jan won!)
13:51 - what factors are most likely to influence your decision to play in an event?
16:30 - the common thread: "team-based puzzle solving to achieve a goal"
17:51 - e.g., Team Snout's goal for Shinteki Field Trip: Disneyland
18:46 - terminology trouble: "hunt," "Game," etc.?
21:25 - the overnight factor
23:10 - we debate Rich's definition of "mini-Game"
23:56 - speaking of which: Shinteki SF Scramble (July 17th)!
25:51 - ascension of the term "puzzle hunt"
26:49 - Actually, National Treasure: Curse of the Golden Monkey-Swan might have been a better movie.
28:10 - total aside: snout.org downtime
29:00 - there is no cat in team
30:42 - by the way: Puzzled Pint (July 13th)!
32:25 - and you can play the 2-Tone Game in San Francisco any time
34:00 - The End

Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton

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CKL DeeAnn


Skott said...

I think someone mentioned to Larry that his 2 Tone Game might more accurately be called a "puzzle trail". Have no idea what that entails.

lahosken said...

This show reminds me that the existing ontology is insufficient, and we need a new word for our activity. I suggest that we combine the terms "puzzle hunt" and "treasure hunt" to form "pleasure hunt". *googles [pleasure hunt]* Wow, on second thought, apparently that phrase already means something Completely Different. Never mind.

On 2-Tone Game as "puzzle trail": Yeah. I am not an expert, but after looking at some self-described "puzzle trails", I think that phrase is ARG jARGon for a set of puzzles that, uhm, just sits there with no live Game Control people tending it. But they're (at least the ones I found) online. So the 2-Tone Game would be a Puzzle Trail, but you'd feel obliged to tack on to the description: "...but some of the puzzles are physically in San Francisco. Weird."

I enjoyed this episode of the podcast a lot. It got into some interesting topics and DeeAnn is pretty funny when she's sleep deprived.

CKL said...

DeeAnn adds, cryptically: "Cornbread."

Unknown said...

My main requirement for a general term is that it be searchable- presumably that's something newbies will do, and it's important that they find things that are relevant. If you search for "the game" you find all sorts of things that don't really have anything to do with this hobby- "puzzle hunt" (with or without space) is much more useful. Though apparently Britney Spears' hunt is on the first page of Google results for the latter.

(I also had some things to say about genealogy and stuff, but it seems to be ballooning into its own blog post)

Unknown said...

Finally got around to writing said blog post about genealogy and stuff: http://gfpuzz.livejournal.com/5249.html