Thursday, May 13, 2010

Comic Book Report: Checkmate: Pawn Breaks

One of my few complaints about the Checkmate TPBs is that they're not clearly labeled with volume numbers. Yes, I'm a completist, and somewhat OCD about it; I like to read serialized stories in order, and I like them to have proper endings.

Granted, the arcs in Checkmate generally stand alone pretty well--this book collects five issues and two self-contained storylines--but it bugs me if I don't at least understand the chronology of the world. (There's a rant about that coming next week. I know you can't wait.)

What else? Oh, yeah, still loving it. Rucka does a nice job of sprinkling just enough superheroic and magical elements on top of a solid spy-fi foundation to put a fresh spin on the genre without making it too ridiculous. And that's quite a feat in a book which features a talking chimp.

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