Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Famine Teams: District 4, Fishing

Jasper here! This is part four in a twelve-part series, looking at the teams who will be playing in The Famine Game this fall!

District Four is near and dear to my heart, because its main industry is something cats love: fishing!

Mystic Katfish
SF Bay Area, Sacramento CA, Pittsburgh PA, Washington DC

I had no idea Nancy Grace was so interested in The Famine Game, but okay, 'tevs, lady! You sure have a lot to say about stuff! And the Tributes' video certainly showed off their puzzling skills, but what's the deal with not showing your faces? Humans can be sooooo weird sometimes!

At any rate, that Twitter account totally exists. Maybe they'll say some more things later on!

This Space Intentionally Left Blank
Boston MA

Wow! These humans are all dressed up and looking sharp! I also have it on good authority that several members of this team were involved in running the highly successful WARTRON: BOSTON event last month! (Keen-eyed observers will recognize this "Caesar Flickerman" as Boston's "Professor Goto.") You might have to turn up the volume on this video to hear all their dialogue, but the "wilderness survival" footage is priceless!

Next week: meet the teams from District Five!


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