Tuesday, July 09, 2013

SnoutCast #177: inaugural #terngame debrief

This week, we talk to Jan Chong and Larry Hosken, who recently ran the first-ever #terngame puzzle hunt for Twitter interns and employees!

Also today: Happy 3rd anniversary to Puzzled Pint in Portland, Oregon!

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00:59 - "airborne"
02:11 - how did #terngame come about?
05:36 - explaining a puzzle hunt to laypersons
06:51 - the Octothorpean connection
08:32 - "at Twitter, we like bird names and bad puns"
09:51 - let's talk puzzles
13:13 - walking around non-sketchy San Francisco
14:16 - feedback would be good
17:53 - cf. other events you've run?
20:17 - "call off the photo of Dick!"
23:33 - other cool stuff
26:23 - The End

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Music: instrumentals from "Code Monkey" and "Skullcrusher Mountain" by Jonathan Coulton

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James said...

Big Game question (not cats): How do people feel about a non-car/on-foot portion in the middle of a weekend Game? Basically, if people would be upset if we temporarily removed the ability to Van in the middle of a game. Has this been done before?

lahosken said...

> How do people feel about a non-car/on-foot portion in the middle of a weekend Game?

Apprentice: Zorg used this format to good effect. Oh, and so did Ghost Patrol: catching each ghost involved strolling to a few spots in a neighborhood.

Alexandra said...

The 420 game (April 19-20, 2001) also did this. We started at the Roxie Theater on 16th Street in San Francisco. Our vans were confiscated at the start and we did several legs on foot with the help of BART. First we went to Glen Park, then to the Embarcadero, and finally to Berkeley where we got our vans back. In the meantime, GC had equipped them with GPS transmitters and had borrowed a trucking company's tracking software so we had a couple of cool puzzles in the rest of the game that involved tracking our vans pretty much to the foot (one where we had to follow instructions over the phone, and another where we went over a bridge in a remote area in Felton at 3 am and the pay phone on the bridge rang just as we drove past it!)

I have really enjoyed the out-of-the-van legs of the games I've played in. Ghost Patrol did this geniusly well, BTW. And Dr When also, in a different way.

Oh, and the No More Secrets game (2007) had some conference room portions where the early teams got to work on bonus puzzles. Our team pretty much arrived toward the tail end of the X hours of conference room activity so our Game experience did not involve sitting around in a big room with other teams. I think I would have enjoyed this, but I did hear some grumbling from teams who felt their momentum was stalled by the forced bunching. However, don't quote me on that as it was 6 years ago and my memory is pretty vague.