Wednesday, September 05, 2012

New ORC City

OryCon 34 PDF flyer

This is an unofficial announcement, so don't make plans until you see an update on the OryCon 34 web site, but: I am running the Open Read and Critique (ORC) sessions again this year, but instead of a solid three-hour block of ORCs on Friday and Saturday, I'm splitting off the last hour on each day and moving it to nighttime.

Why the change? Well, ever since I started doing this back in 2009, I've noticed that the final session on each day has been poorly attended. I've also gotten a few requests for late-night sessions, so that people who work the con during the day, or aspiring writers prefer panels to parties--and thus are freer after dinnertime--can also participate.

I personally like to do a bit of party-cruising at cons, but I figured I'd try moving that poorly-attended third ORC session to 8:00 PM on both days and see what happens. The demand is certainly there for the earlier sessions, and people have even asked about having Sunday sessions; but I'd like to see how this modification goes before considering additions.

Anyway, official info should be up next week, and you can e-mail if you have any other questions. Hope to see you in November!


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